Live Publishing

With Ecomedia's new product you can start publishing pages instead of books. Just tell your loyal fans to buy the app and follow you working live on their new favorite creation!

Go Global

Launching an app for your book could be the launching pad for your new global career. Instead of appealing only to local customers, increase your distribution channels and go global!

Easy access

Long gone are the days in which it took years for an author to be able to show his work to the world. With Ecomedia's new service you can now access your book online, from any computer in just a matter of seconds. Just log on and let the pages flow.

Creative freedom

Not in the "writing" mood? Don't worry. With Ecomedia you can write whenever you feel inspired and if you deem your creation good enough just publish it and send a notification to your loyal readers. They will appreciate it and your fan base will only grow!


Write us an email and tell us a bit more. We are always looking for more satisfied customers.